CCTV Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Paragon Tech Experts deal with comprehensive projects also including the CCTV supply, installation, and maintenance in Dubai. We focus on CCTV Camera Installation in Dubai and Whatever your administration needs, Paragon Tech Experts has state-of-the-art solutions. Our comprehensive tools list covers (oldest to newest):

    • Analog video inspection – the tried-and-tested standard ― is still possible. Analog technology does not depend on wireless or system bandwidths; it has an independent communication path, and it can perform in real-time.
    • Hybrid HD-SDI-CCTV DVR systems are also available, granting the use of HD-SDI and CCTV cameras on the same system, which is perfect for users with current CCTV cameras that need to constantly update their CCTV video surveillance to HD-SDI over time.
    • HD-SDI Closed Circuit TV for your modern security needs. (High Definition – Serial Digital Interface [SDI] is a family of digital video interfaces first standardized 26 years ago in 1989 by The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). Also known as HD security cameras, they are a smart, high-definition, video-surveillance solution that is less costly and almost always more comfortable to set up than older network IP cameras.

Best cameras work  with CCTV supply, CCTV Camera Installation, and CCTV Camera maintenance in Dubai

Paragon Tech Experts provides different kinds of cameras with CCTV supply, installations and maintenance in Dubai. We can maintain, supply and install a wide range of modern CCTV surveillance cameras under your choices. Some of the cameras we suggest you include:

    • Outdoor security camera, Motion detection camera, Home security cameras
    • Monochrome cameras, Bullet security cameras, Covert cameras
    • Dome security cameras, Night vision & day cameras
    • Dummy cameras,
    • Wide dynamic range (HDR) cameras
    • Internet security cameras, Wireless security cameras
    • High-definition (HD) cameras, Auto-zoom security cameras,
    • Network cameras
    • IP security cameras, Remote access CCTV monitoring
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CCTV Supply, Installation & Maintenance Paragon tech Experts
CCTV Supply, Installation & Maintenance3
CCTV Supply, Installation & Maintenance2
CCTV Supply, Installation & Maintenance

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