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Pool Covers And Fences

Paragon Tech Experts repair and offer new fixing of Pool Covers and Fences in Dubai. To keep your swimming pools neat it is necessary to cover and require fences on around them. A home swimming pool is a source of a wonderful setting for relaxing and playing in daily routine. But unfortunately, our safeguards are not able to help our child to protect them. The pool that lets you relax so make it simple.

Paragon Tech Experts provide a pool safety fence and swimming pool cover services in Dubai.  A Safe Pool help ensure that your pool is the site of personal relaxation and family bonding, not preventable water accidents.

Pool fences 

Our pool safety fence is specially designed as a swimming pool barrier so that the children will save form accidents. Paragon Tech Experts use standard fence size which is used in Europ and on the International level.

  The salient functions of our removable pool safety fences are:

  • The posts are made from plane-grade aluminum and the mesh is likewise the excellent high-quality to be had
  • The fence is warmness stinted & mold resistant
  • The paint is Powder lined with Mat end
  • The aluminum posts have re-enforced twin beams to give it extra energy
  • It’s obvious
  • It’s climb resistant
  • It comes in a ramification of colors like Beige, Brown, Black & green
  • Our gates are self-last & key lockable!
  • The whole fence is removable and can be placed down or mounted in mins
  • It comes with a ten yr warranty against bending, rusting & tearing because of regular usage (natural calamities & physical abuse excluded)

We also provide our customer with the service like Pool Safety Nets, Pool Safety Covers, and Leaf Pool Covers. 

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Pool Covers and fences Paragon Tech Experts

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